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Meet Scarlett
Walk With Me Salisbury's 2023 Ambassador

Scarlett and her brothers Jackson and Ryder race around the playground. Their parents, Kelsey and Jonathan, beam with pride because they know one year ago, these cherished moments would not have been possible. Scarlett was not able to stand, let alone run, but now thanks to the help of Easterseals physical therapy, Scarlett can keep up with her brothers.


Due to weakened muscles and multiple hospital visits, Scarlett was falling behind developmentally. When she started receiving physical therapy with Easterseals, she was unable to crawl.


“When we first got the diagnosis, it was overwhelming. We felt like we were barely keeping our heads above water. Easterseals has been there for us, not just physically but emotionally. Scarlett loves going to therapy,” Kelsey says. “Easterseals is a game changer. There is a world of difference in Scarlett. Her growth is eye opening.”


A trusted provider of children’s therapy services for 75 years, Easterseals specializes in meeting the needs of children and their families through creative, playful activities that go beyond traditional services. For Scarlett, that means continuing to work on more independent steps and gaining strength in her legs. Following a recent surgery, Scarlett also started feeding therapy to help her tolerate more textures and expand her food palette. 


“Everyone at Easterseals is excited about her milestones. Everyone cares and it truly shows.” Kelsey says. “It takes a village. It is a hard journey to walk, but you are not alone. Keep going knowing tomorrow is a new day.”

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